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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heaven Shines the Sun Within

Lift my heart for the world.  I have so much to tell it's sure/shore. Come and gather by my feet. I will tell you a story so sweet. Fill the nations with your whine/jubilant time. Fill the glory of every hill (wave form). Take my hand and you will understand, heaven on earth is a place to make a band (One clan, the Rainbow Clan). Come and shine to glory this day. Open up your heart and fill the waves. Ride that tornado in the sky (swirling dream space).  Then you will know just how to be surprised.

We are children running free, glory majesty. We are learning just how to be free, come on home with me. Come my brother understand, heaven on earth is a place we demand (blessing the sacred nine directions). Come and join me, into the heart of what is the great dreaming. The great dreaming. Hear my heart and make a shout, glory. Come my brother do your part. glory.  We are going to the place of the sun, walking talking on the run. Here I stand to hold you near. We are children without any fear.

Take my hand and blissfully, show me smiles to set the seas (Toby the yellow dog soldier barking gallantly). Think of how we did it true, when our hearts live in the (true) blue (relatives too). When we love each other Man, take a glorious stand.  Heal the Nations unto God, come and lift our hearts, demand (sacred blessings, perfection of the crystalline stone, you). Heaven ... ... ... is on the run. Heaven ...... ........ ....... is the fabled sun ( a light from within). We are going home this day, wake up brothers learn to praise. We are learning how to bee (dreaming impossible dreams), one great big family (the rainbow clan).

Heaven .... ..... ...... ..... .... ..... ..... hold my hand. Heaven .... ...... ...... ....... understand. We are going to the place of the free. No more worry let it bee (a great dream). Come and join the hearts of men, we are going to a place without sin. Heaven ..... ...... ..... .... .... ... .... ..... take my hand. Heaven .... ... .... .... .... ...... leaders of holy men. Heaven is here to show us true, hold me close inside of you. There my soul will linger to, to be next to you. Heaven .... ..... ...... .... ..... .... show me how to bow.  

Heaven ..... ...... ...... ..... ..... ...... it's in the mighty clouds. We are going to the place that's free. Come my brother hold onto me. Show the sisters we know the waves, inside of heavenly we praise. Heaven .... ..... ..... .... .... hold me close. Sister you know what is in the spokes/wheel/talking.

Rattle continues linger in the winds!

Golden Kobe (Sacred Horn) on hand drum, rainbow Eddy (Wisdom River Shines) Sleigh bells-rattles, Grandmother Comfort in the Wind on the rattle and dances with the crystal wand-whip-crackles. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star on the buffalo drum and White Buffalo Calf Woman singing. This Sacred Song Blessings is from the Heart of Sacred Horn, a golden child of the rainbow clan. He is part of Hoop 5 with the Rainbow Clan sanctuary space for family members of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. To visit his blog go to To learn more about Rainbow Warriors visit us at Thank you for listening to the heart of a golden child who brings to us brotherhood, the cosmic father of the universe. Aho (spirit fly) and over the rainbow we flow!

Teach what is right, that law is the LOVE, then when two hearts are united, we share with intelligence. However if LOVE doesn't lead the way, then we fight to unite LOVE, two broken hearts, then we know that we are walking the truth path, the love to each other, the kind that lasts, over rolling hills in time, over the suns, and into the heart of the blue seas of every one. We are the Prophecy, the Rain upon the Land, so parched, it will need a Rainbow, to serve it home the right way and know where to land (the Rainbow always lands on the pot of gold, abundance, brotherhood)!
Visit this group at Visit to know more. Sanctuary space for children who learn to command the spiritual soul. Blessing the sacred nine directions, with fire and water. Aho, may your spirit flow!


Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

Hear the sound of the roaring horn, the sacred place inside the thorns. But if you listen with your heart, you will heal the sacred start, the horn that shines all towards the throne. Sacred Horn shows us the way home!

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